New Frontend for HSD

The Handshake Wallet That is Fire



What FireWallet can do for you

HNS coin transactions

Send and Receive HNS easily from FireWallet

Participate in auctions

Open auctions, bid on names, reveal bids and claim won names through the domain page.

Connect your Ledger device

Don't compromise your security by trusting FireWallet or your computer. By using a Ledger you can ensure you approve any transaction and that your private key never has any possibility of touching the internet.

Batch transactions

Save on fees by sending transactions in batches. Why pay for 100 individual bid transactions when you can save by paying for 1 transactions which contains all the Bids.

(This will save you HNS but will not reduce your cost to 1 bids mining fee as this transaction will be bigger than your usual transaction)

Multisig Support

Secure your group's funds with a multisig. The means any transaction requires multiple signatures. Cold Wallet multisig is not supported yet



Portfolio Page

Sending HNS

Send HNS Page

Receive HNS and Domains

Receive Page

Domain DNS Editing

DNS Edit Page


Bacth Page

Self Custody

Don't trust anyone else to store your crypto. Remember "Not Your Key, Not Your Crypto"

Open Source

Check the code and compile it yourself to ensure there isn't anything bad in there