New Frontend for HSD

The Handshake Wallet That is Fire



What FireWallet can do for you

HNS coin transactions

Send and Receive HNS easily from FireWallet

Participate in auctions

Open auctions, bid on names, reveal bids and claim won names through the domain page.

Create custom python plugins

Speed up your wallet interactions by creating/using plugins. You can use the included plugin to auto reveal, redeem bid and renew domains or create your own for your specific use case.

Only available on FireWallet Browser



Portfolio Page

Sending HNS

Send HNS Page

Receive HNS and Domains

Receive Page

Domain DNS Editing

DNS Edit Page

Only available on desktop currently

Bacth Page

Only available on browser

Bacth Page

Self Custody

Don't trust anyone else to store your crypto. Remember "Not Your Key, Not Your Crypto"

Open Source

Check the code and compile it yourself to ensure there isn't anything bad in there

FireWallet Desktop

C# desktop app. Only runs on Windows devices

FireWallet Browser

Python app with browser UI. Runs on any OS with python.
Optional docker installation.